Hexa Pods

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  • Product Description

      Hexa V2.0 Pods 20MG (2 pods 1.7 ML)

      • Blueberry (The delicious taste of berries combined with Hexa’s super smooth hybrid nic salt blend. Let these pods fill your mouth with their sweet & juicy flavour)

      • Mango (The delicious juiciness of ripe mangoes, combined with the smooth vape of Hexa’s hybrid nicotine salts, make these pods perfect for those who love a fresh mango flavour)

      • Raspberry Frost (Deliciously sweet raspberries, a subtly cooling menthol edge, and Hexa’s hybrid nicotine salts combine for a super smooth vape that will keep your tastebuds satisfied all day)
      • Tobacco (The traditional taste of rich tobacco sweetened with a subtle taste of honey. These Hexa pods with their own hybrid nic salt blend make for a super smooth and satisfying vape)
      • Tobacco Menthol (For vapers who love flavours true to the refreshing taste of a menthol cigarette. These Hexa Pods deliver a vape bursting with layers of rich tobacco and cooling menthol)
      • Menthol (For those that love the cooling blast of menthol. These Hexa Pods, filled with their own smooth hybrid nic salt blend, have a flavour you can vape all day thanks to a subtle hint of sweetness that balances this flavour perfectly.)
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