Loaded E-Liquid - Lemon Bar

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Nicotine Dose
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      Take a trip with Loaded Lemon Bar. This lemon e-juice was inspired by Tarte au citron, one of the best French desserts. Elevate your taste buds with this lemon creamy goodness. Nothing beats the delightful citrus flavoring infused with powdered sugar in this lemon e-liquid. With our Loaded Lemon Bar, enjoy a thick and creamy dessert experience with every inhale.

      Designed for lovers of lemon e-juices that also provide that warm delicious dessert sustenance. With every inhale our Loaded Lemon Bar e-juice will make you feel like you are taking a bite of a refreshing yet sweet tarte au citron at a fancy French cafe.

      Stimulate your taste buds with this sweet lemon e-juice that is perfect for an all day vape. Wow your taste buds with refreshingly light yet rich lemon bar baked to perfection. Sweet and sour lemon tart topped with powdered sugar and pulled together with a hint of freshly baked pie crust creates a perfect balance of light, sweet and creamy for your everyday enjoyment. Loaded Lemon Bar will prove to be your favorite sweet treat.

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