Ruthless Strizzy

Dhs. 45.00 Dhs. 55.00

Nicotine Dose
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      The ultimate combination of tart raspberry, ripe kiwi, and fresh strawberry. Perfect for vaping on your leisurely drive on those warm sunny days. If you like our classic Ez Duz It flavor, you’re gonna love Strizzy.

      Strizzy is a well balanced e-juice that will leave you refreshed from the wonderful marriage of fruit flavors. Not to mention, the vape juice is incredibly smooth and it produces plush clouds for all you cloud chasers.

      The flavor profile is easy going and you will be delighted with the distinct flavors present in the juice. The raspberry is one of the primary notes you will instantly notice and it carries a refreshing mouthfeel from the leaving you wanting more. The kiwi added into the juice rounds out the flavor profile with its soft sweetness. Lastly, the strawberry will give it more body and adds depth to carry the raspberry and kiwi flavor to a pleasing finish.

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