Ruthless Tropic Thunda

Dhs. 45.00 Dhs. 50.00

Nicotine Dose
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      Tropic Thunda is a simple yet invigorating e-juice filled with tropical vibes to take your mind into a serene paradise. The beautiful marriage of creamy guava and flavorful blast of berries is a timeless harmony enjoyed by many. The throat hit on this e-juice is ultra smooth from the creamy texture of Guava and although the VG ratio isn’t high, cloud chasers will be able to fill their room with blissful tropical clouds.

      True to its name, the simplicity of the flavor profile will deliver a striking tropical punch that will quench your thirst on any given day. The mild sweet sour taste of Guava combined with a refreshing blast of fresh berries will satisfy any fruit lover!

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