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      The increasing popularity of salt nic e-liquids has brought the vaping industry new hope for the 18350 vape battery. Ultroner recognizes the practical use of these stubby vape cells in conjunction with higher ohm builds, and introduces the Mini Stick Mod. The Mini Stick is a MOSFET protected 18350 tube mod constructed from stainless steel and real stabilized wood, and comes with many accessories to style your device.

      The Ultroner Mini Stick vape kit starts with a stainless steel 18350 battery tube with threaded top cap and bottom cap. The top cap houses a MOSFET PCB for built-in protection and utilizes a side mounted firing button constructed from Ultem. The battery tube itself is fitted with two external O-rings that securely hold the stabilized wood tube in place. Ultroner is known for their stab wood use in all of their vaping mod designs, which gives their mods a high-end look. The battery cap uses an adjustable platform for accommodating varying 18350 battery (sold separately) lengths and doubles as a safety lock by loosening the battery from making contact. Also included in the kit are two lanyard adapter rings and an Ultroner neck lanyard. The rings come in 22mm and 24mm and can be placed between the atomizer and mod with the respective atomizer sizes.

      The Mini Stick Mod from Ultroner presents a new form factor of vaping with an old school feel. The beautiful stabilized wood mod appears far more sophisticated and elegant to majority of the vaping devices on the market and pairs well with salt nic vape juice when using a higher ohm coil.

      Due to the nature of manufacturing and design, each Ultroner Mini Stick 18350 Tube Mod features a unique colorway and patterning. Photos are for reference only and are not representative of the variances of each unit.

      Note: Ultroner includes a small silicone block in the parts bag. If using an atomizer other than the included RDA, please insert this block beneath the positive tab located on the MOSFET PCB. Uscrew the top cap, carefully remove the PCB by tapping the top cap until the button and board drop free, then slide the silicone block under the open end of the positive tab.

      Check out our Ultroner Mini Stick Mod unboxing video HERE!

      Mod Specifications
      • MOSFET PCB
        • Power Output Based on Current Battery State
        • 3.2 to 4.2V Working Voltage
        • 0.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance
        • Side Mounted Firing Button
          • Tactile Switch
          • Ultem Button
        • Built-In Protection
          • Short Circuit
          • Reverse Polarity
          • Over Current
        • Replaceable
      • Single 18350 Vape Battery
        • Sold Separately
      • Accommodates 24mm Atomizers 
        • Stainless Steel Construction
          • Real Stabilized Wood Accent Tube
        • 49mm by 24mm
        Product Includes
        • One Mini Stick 18350 Mod
        • One Lanyard
        • One 22mm Lanyard Ring
        • One 24mm Lanyard Ring
        • Spare Parts Bag

        Check out the Ultroner Mini Stick Mod infographic to help you better understanding how it works!

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